New Delhi (India), December 5: In the resplendent realm of luxury and refinement, ELITE Magazine stands as a beacon of opulence, guided by the visionary leadership of Puraskar Thadani. Celebrating a journey adorned with opulence and grandeur, ELITE Magazine recently achieved an unprecedented feat by hosting events at three wonders of the world. This extraordinary accomplishment has garnered resounding applause from luminaries such as Chef Vikas Khanna and Shri Gaur Gopal Das.

Puraskar Thadani, the mastermind behind ELITE Magazine’s triumphs, has curated a narrative of sophistication, collaborating with global luxury brands and orchestrating extravagant events. The journey began with the iconic Burj Al Arab event in 2018, setting the stage for ELITE Magazine’s grand pursuits. Following this, the historic Eiffel Tower event in 2019 took place INSIDE the iconic landmark—a one-of-a- kind affair that echoed across history. This collaboration involved intricate negotiations with French authorities, including the need for an insurance policy covering potential damages to the Eiffel Tower. The event, hosted INSIDE the Eiffel Tower, was marked as one of the most iconic of 2019 and showcased Thadani’s determination and ELITE Magazine’s commitment to pushing boundaries—creating a unique experience never before witnessed in history.

Undeterred by challenges, Thadani’s grand vision led ELITE Magazine to the London Tower Bridge for the momentous celebration of India’s 75th Independence day in 2021. The event, hosted by honoring ELITE Most Influential Indians, took place ON TOP of the iconic bridge—a truly unprecedented feat.Luminaries such as Sadguru, Rajat Sharma, Reuben Singh, Avneesh Sood, Sarthak Gaur, Karan Johar, Masaba Gupta, Pankaj Bansal, were part of the Most Influential List, solidifying ELITE Magazine’s status as a global purveyor of luxury.

Breaking new ground yet again, on November 19, 2023, Thadani hosted the first Indian event at the Statue of Liberty, completing a stunning hat trick of events at three wonders of the world. This unparalleled achievement resonated globally, with Chef Vikas Khanna expressing extreme delight at being part of ELITE Most Influential Indians. Notably, the Statue of Liberty event was the first-ever Indian event and the only event at the iconic landmark in 17 years, further solidifying ELITE Magazine’s reputation for hosting extraordinary and unprecedented affairs.

Adding to the charm of these illustrious events, the renowned comedian Nitin Mirani has hosted all three ceremonies. His wit and charisma have made him one of the best anchors for such large-scale ceremonies, adding a touch of humor and entertainment to these grand occasions.

Chef Vikas Khanna, in an exclusive Instagram video, shares his thoughts on Puraskar Thadani and ELITE Magazine, praising their extraordinary vision and the grandeur of ELITE Most Influential Indians. 

You can watch the video here –

As a testament to this grand journey, TV9 has commissioned a spectacular OTT series titled ‘The ELITE List.’ Set to unveil the behind-the-scenes magic of these monumental events, the series promises to capture the essence of the most influential Indians and the extraordinary efforts that go into creating such unparalleled affairs. Anticipated for release in the first quarter of 2024, ‘The ELITE List’ will offer viewers a front-row seat to the grandeur orchestrated by Puraskar Thadani and ELITE Magazine, redefining luxury on the global stage.

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