New Delhi (India), November 28: Akash Dhupar, founder of the National Esports Database (NED) Gaming, introduces Senchou App, the world’s first competitive gaming scoring network. With an expansive reach in over 150 countries, Senchou is set to redefine esports scoring, offering unparalleled opportunities for players and organizations alike.

Key Features of Senchou App:

1. Global Impact: Senchou spans 150+ countries, connecting esports enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Founder’s Vision: Akash Dhupar’s brainchild, Senchou, aims to combat scams and elevate the esports community.

3. Versatile Scoring: Organizations can score unlimited matches across popular esports titles.

4. Real-time Stats: Senchou provides a real-time stats solution for gamers, organizations, and investors.

5. Path to Pro: Senchou is the bridge from underdog to pro, attracting attention from bigger teams, investors, and sponsors.

Akash Dhupar, the visionary behind Senchou App, shared his enthusiasm: “Senchou is a movement dedicated to empowering gamers and organizations globally. Our mission is to create a platform where talent meets opportunity.”

Senchou App is now live, offering a transformative experience for esports enthusiasts. For more information, visit

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