May 14: Cracking JEE – Advanced is an access point to success for all students who want to join IITs. Saurav was one of several students who attended Amaze Classes for JEE Coaching in Chandigarh. So, continue reading to find out how Amaze has assisted him in achieving his aspirations.

Saurav and his parents concluded that Amaze Classes is one of the best coaching centres for JEE (Mains & Advanced) coaching after consulting with relatives and friends and after going through the online reviews on Google, Facebook and other social media platforms.  We went to Amaze Classes and inquired about the course to clear all our questions and simplify everything. The counsellor we contacted advised us all that Saurav can take a one-of-a-kind scholarship exam called AIST, which will give him with a scholarship worth up to 90 percent as well as other rewards. Also advised us to approach Amaze Classes in September, when Saurav will be in Class X, since he will be eligible to take the exam and participate in the scholarship programme.

Saurav appeared in AIST (Amaze Instant Scholarship Test) and got 95% marks in the scholarship test. Saurav was relieved when he found out that he was spared from paying Rs 2.3 lakh fee for two-year programme.  We were also informed that Saurav will have to pay just Rs 30000/- for two years. Everybody in the family was overjoyed and began to celebrate.

Saurav decided not to immediately enroll in Amaze Classes due to the difficulty of balancing school and the Institute Timings. After some consideration, we called Amaze Classes in Chandigarh and described the situation, and requested assistance and a solution. After discussing the same with Amaze, we were given a simple solution that Saurav can enroll in the afternoon batch, wherein he can attend school during Morning Shift and can attend Institute classes afterwards. 

We understood that this would be challenging for him, since nothing is insurmountable if you’re determined to reach your objective. Saurav ultimately opted to enroll in afternoon batch. Saurav used to attend School in Morning and Institute Classes in the evening. This pattern persisted for several months. But one evening Saurav was quite angry and informed his parents that he is unable to focus on her homework due to the stress. Saurav ceased attending the institute and began to prepare on her own. However, after a few weeks, he recognized his error and chose to resume the coaching.

Saurav had passed his Class 12 board exams, and the JEE (Mains) examination was imminent. Saurav further enrolled in the Amaze Crash Course in order to be properly prepared for the exam, and the Institute had structured numerous exams for preparing the JEE (Mains & Advanced) Examination. The day finally arrived when Saurav will take the exam. A month later, we contacted Amaze to inquire about the outcome. We were told that Saurav had achieved 99.3 percentile in JEE (Mains) exam and is for eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced) exam to be conducted. On learning this, we were all ecstatic and were confident that Saurav will also crack JEE (Advanced) examination and will definitely become a great engineer, and we were filled with pride.

Saurav had benefited from Amaze’s high-quality study materials, which are widely recognized and praised within the coaching community. The study material is annually proofread, edited, and reviewed in accordance with the evolving pattern. In addition, students are provided with Amaze Assignments that assist them focus on two of the most critical components required to pass the most difficult exam in India: topic understanding and frequent practice of the subject. In addition, students are exposed to several test segments, such as Weekly Tests, Surprise Tests, Monthly tests, and the Online Test Series backed with Artificial Intelligence and this is one of Saurav’s major accomplishments.

After a month or so, Saurav appeared for JEE (Advanced) and as he expected came off with flying colours and got admission in one of his dreams IITs in India i.e., IIT Mumbai.

I feel that Amaze can help you all reach your professional goals. So, here concludes Saurav’s whole success story. The Amaze Instant Scholarship Test (AIST) altered his life and can do the same for you. 

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